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Mental Prep and Recovery

This baseball training program focuses on the athlete developing a mental preparation and recovery plan. Our program includes the basics of breathing, yoga stretching, visualization work, and discussions on being coachable, confident, and being fearful. We also put an emphasis on journaling, keeping a log of actionable goals, challenges, and self evaluations.

Program Highlights

Train the Brain

Breathing: We learn that breathing assists in our mental preparation and mental recovery. It helps with becoming present and focused on the task at hand. We breathe automatically and don't pay much attention to it. Our program will help harness your breath routine and so it can be another tool you can use when you need it.

Yoga Stretching: A lot of athletes are not very flexible. We incorporate guided visualization scenarios while performing different yoga stretches that can assist in increasing the athlete's flexibility and confidence.

Journaling: Journaling helps the athlete keep track of their actionable goals, challenges, self-evaluations, and build a plan to improve areas of emphasis. It keeps the athlete focused on being present and not chasing distractions.

Group Discussions: We have many topics of discussion, some of them are "Being Coachable" and "Bench Work". Our goal is to get our athletes to share their challenges and successes with others. This helps athletes understand they are not the only ones having the same challenges and hopefully reduces some of their stressors during practice and or competition.

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