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Winter Developmental
Camps for 5-17 years old

HD Performance Coaching will host developmental camps for young baseball and softball athletes. We are keeping our camps 1:10 ratio. (Coach to athlete). Our camps will be four hours (9 am-12 pm) a day going over hitting, pitching, and fielding fundamentals. We will also have team tournaments and individual competitions using our HitTrax entertainment features.

Camp Dates

Call 916-531-7696 to schedule your date(s).

November 20-22, 2023

December 18-20, 2023

December 27-29, 2023

Location: 4248 24th Street

                  Sacramento, CA

Single A Camp : $100

  • Our Single A Camp is a one Day camp that consists of:

  • Fundamentals Review

  • Three 40-minute training sessions

  • Three 20-minute Break out sessions

  • Team v Team tournament

  • One HitTrax Entertainment session


Double A Camp: $180

  • Our Double A Camp is a two Day camp that consists of:

  • Review hitting and pitching fundamentals 

  • Six 40-minute training sessions

  • Six 20-minute Break out sessions

  • Team v Team tournaments

  • HitTrax Entertainment sessions


Triple A Camp: $240

  • Our Triple A Camp is a three Day camp that consists of:

  • Hitting Fundamentals - Part Two

  • Review Fundamentals 

  • Nine 40-minute training sessions

  • Nine 20-minute break-out sessions

  • Team v Team tournaments

  • One HitTrax Entertainment session


Get in Touch

Call to book your camp. Tobrin 916-531-7696

                                            Cody 925-705-1549

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